Is Home Ownership Possible for Everyone?

From a right to Privlage, Home Ownership

Humans have their needs and one of them is home ownership. This used to be known as shelter. Nowadays, in a world where capitalists are the titans of the world, free shelter is very hard to come by especially in urban areas. In this sense, home ownership would require a monetary equivalent. In short, having your own property would make you a survival in our virally money hungry era.
During the ancient times, home ownership is actually a right and not for the privileged. Each person has their own place to live, whether it be a cave, treehouse or a tree itself. Due to the development of man and its nature to adapt, survive and go further with the advancement of their thinking, technology and population, man developed its own system called a government. Man began to control each every person’s action and ownership. Of course, man has its uniqueness among other species which is called the free will. Due to this free will and thinking, the human started to outsmart its own kind and become the privileged man. Applying the so-called privileged man and the government we developed a more complex system that involves ownership of objects and materials in order to survive. One of these is home ownership. Having a home today is like I said, a privilege that requires a vast amount of monetary measure in order to procure a shelter. Needless to say, those without the means for the exchange will be having a hard time compared to those who do.
On the good note of things, having this kind of system regulates the limited number of homes that a country can offer. Needless to say, the bigger the property the more expensive it is for a home ownership. Just so everyone knows, it is more advantageous to own one rather than to rent. Home ownership is one of the modern sword and shield because it is more than a shelter it is a security from the demand of our present society. Think forward and be advantageous, home ownership can be translated as the modern war of minds.