Is Home Ownership Possible for Everyone?

Illegal Land& Homeownership in the Philippines

Last night I have watched news about the squatters who have been received some sort of benefits in order to continue living as well as to organize the cities around Metro Manila (Philippines). This was the platform of the government just to avoid those people from loitering and to maximize the city, home ownership. Yes! Those people who didn’t even struggle from working and paying taxes are the ones who always receive those benefits. They have been relocated and given a chance of this so called home ownership just for the sake of making them wiped out from the city. The reporter tried to catch up the opinion of the other people and he interviewed some citizens (might be an employee or something). The person was annoyed about the situation and what have the government has done to it, he said that the government must stop making those people feel like they were babies who always depends their living to the government. Those people must work in order to live and not just live and receive the fruits of works of the others or else it is better for them to die! He added. Home ownership must only for the people who worked hard and pay taxes at the government. Hence, if that was the case maybe it is better not to work and wait for the government to do something in order for all of us to live. It takes hard work and sweat to possess wealth such as owning a house, not just because by complaining and just showing self-pity.
Home ownerships for me are for those who work hard for their families and for the country especially those retired person who have been accomplished their share when it comes to paying taxes. Veterans of war and senior citizens who lend their big distribution for the enhancement and innovation of the country must also celebrate the benefits of it. Home ownership in the Philippines takes a lot of time to process especially if an individual doesn’t have enough wealth and power, so maybe it is only right to put on the list are the ones who have been shared their works and have paid their taxes.