Is Home Ownership Possible for Everyone?

Home ownership, not an ordinary problem

Everybody would like to own a house. It is cheaper, more personal and convenient for the people who will reside on it. Renting a house just gives the money to the land lady but slowly paying to a full home ownership may decrease the amount of payments in the long run. I personally would like to have my own house someday but I know that I have to save a lot of money and find more opportunities like establishing my own business or any investment that may add up my wealth.
A person who wants to own a house must consider a lot of things because it is considered a major decision. Money, time and effort are needed accomplish this project. There are different types of ownership. One is when a person would build a house from scrap, the other is when it is inherited and last is when a person buys a finished house. Personally, I would like to buy a lot then make my own design with the help of an architect. I know that I have to save a lot of money before I achieve this dream. In my dream house, I want to have my own walk-in closet and a big bathroom. I want to have my own entertainment room where I can watch my favorite movies while eating my favorite food. I want to have my own swimming pool so that I can save a lot of money during summer, I just have to invite my friends to come over and have some barbecue party.
In conclusion, home ownership is a dream that almost all of us want to happen. I hope that someday, even though I don’t achieve my dream house as mentioned above, I can have a place to call my own. Anything that came from a person’s hardship is a sweet victory to brag about. Be a condominium, a small bungalow or any place to call my own, I will decorate it according to my own taste and interests. Home ownership is not about just the legal matters and money that are involved on achieving it but it is how an owner does everything to make that house a home.